The “CORE” Difference

The Steel Core Story

Steel Core is the premiere manufacturer of Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks ranging from 1000 to 650,000 gallons.

Steel Core was built from the ground up. We began as installers, and those years of hands-on experience lead us to see that improvements could be made in terms of materials, appurtenances, liners, and ease of tank assembly.

So, over time we turned into manufacturers taking our experience on the job site to the drawing board and then onto the factory floor. We consider all aspects of a tank from its use, to its easy of assembly, to how the tank itself is shipped to you.

We have created a tank line that is second to none.

  • The industry standard is G90 Galvanized Steel, we use is G115 Galvanized Steel as our standard, which on average has a 27% higher Zinc content for added protection and longevity, and can easily provide G140 Galvanized Steel for high salt or caustic environments.
  • Our liners are fit for most uses. We provide NSF61 certified for potable water uses, non certified options for irrigation or raw water uses and EPA approved liners for waste water uses.
  • The steel structure of our tanks can be engineered to ZONE 4 SEISMIC and wind speed of 165 MPH, with a Snow Load of 5Olbs per square foot.

We offer the largest variety of liners in the industry. We sell through a worldwide dedicated dealer network. We can custom powder coat your tank to most any color on the Pantone scale.

We also take pride in the fact that all of our steel is sourced in the US, and all manufacturing in US-Based using skilled US Labor.