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Steel Core Tank is a premier global manufacture of Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks. Supplying quality tanks around the world, our experience in the Fire Protection, Potable Water, Wastewater, Rainwater, Stormwater, Mining & Fracking as well as Agriculture is un-matched. Our quality standards are always higher than the industry expects, which makes Steel Core Tanks the perfect partner for any and all of your upcoming tank projects.


Dipped Panels
  • G-115 Hot Dipped panels
  • G-140 Available for harsher locations
  • Powder Coating Options Available- Any Color
  • Bolted Tanks are Bolted (Not Riveted)
  • Up to 140 Foot Diameter
Tank Capacity above 650,000 gallons
  • Dual Liner System
  • Water Never Touches the Steel
  • Engineering Included in all Quotes
  • Capacity above 650,000 gallons
Meets or Exceeds NSF-61, NFPA-22, ACE#7 & AWWA and seismic Requirements for California and others
  • Meets or Exceeds IBC, NSF-61, NFPA, ASCE7 Requirements.
  • Meets High Seismic and High Wind Requirements up to Risk Cat IV and 180 MPH Winds
Roof Styles
  • Roof Styles available: Flat, 10 Degree and 30 Degree
  • Self Anchored tanks are available
  • Installed on Gravel or Concrete
Shop Built Tanks
  • Shop Built Tanks – Ready to Ship
  • Up to 4,999 Gallons
  • 6’D & 9’D Tank Models Available

We are not only one of the largest and most experienced tank manufactures in the country, we also offer the largest variety of liners in the industry. We sell through a worldwide dedicated dealer network that is well training and represent our uncompromising commitment to quality at each and every stage of the order design and installation process. We can also custom powder coat your tank to most any color on the Pantone scale. With a quick turn on quote requests we will have your requested information back to you in no-time. Browse or large inventory of styles and types.

Fire Protection Tanks


Steel Core has a depth of experience fabricating and installing fire protection tanks across the nation.

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Portable Water


A secure and safe source of drinking water is paramount for the safety of any community or individual.

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Waste Water


A wide variety of industry are engaged in processes that generate wastewater and organic compounds.

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Rain and storm water


Rainwater and storm water capture and retention has been making incredible bounds across the nation and indeed the globe.

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Mining and Fracking


Steel Core understands that methodologies utilized in mining and fracking need to be as low-impact.

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Steel Core provides secure and reliable sources of agricultural water for farms throughout the nation for both crops and livestock.

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Steel Core News and Updates

Save $1,000's by not needing a cement pad

Save $1,000's by not needing a cement pad

Drought Impacting 1 in 3 Americans This Fall

Drought Impacting 1 in 3 Americans This Fall

Steel Core Welcomes Our Latest Dealer - Hawaii

Steel Core Welcomes Our Latest Dealer - Hawaii


Steel Core Tank


  • Steel Core Tanks Up To 2 Million Gallons

    Did you know that USA Made, SteelCore Corrugted Bolted steel tanks can be manufactured up to 2,000,000 gallons and come with up to a 20 year warranty? The use of flexible membrane NSF61 liners protect the steel and elongate the life span of the tank. More cost effective than most steel tanks installed today and is manufactured in diameters up to 129'. This tank was installed in Napa CA for Fire Protection and Domestic Water, seismically anchored and designed for Risk Cat IV and up to 180 MPH winds. Versitile and strong. We design, manufacture and install. SteelCore's world wide...

  • SteelCore Corrugated Tank Installed In Panama for Residential Potable Water

    SteelCore Corrugated Tank. Installed in Panama for residential potable water. This 150,000 US Gallon tank was installed without the use of jacks or other equipment, instead it was built from the bottom up with scaffolding. SteelCore tank supplies engineered site specific systems for Domestic Water Tanks. With NSF61 certified liners and speciality fittings and appurtenances. This tank was engineered for high seismic and 115 mph winds. Our 20 year warranty combined with the expertise of structural, civil and geotechnical engineers designing and engineering entire systems. You can rest assured that your SteelCore tank will be relialbe and will last much...

  • When Your Community Resists Funding Your Infrastructure Project

    WHEN YOUR COMMUNITY RESISTS FUNDING YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT If you are a small water district or unincorporated city you know funding infrastructure projects can be very difficult. Typically these projects are too low a return rate relative to their outlay of capitol. And there are limits to the public treasury as well. Raising taxes or fees can be politically unpopular, especially in small communities without industry or a high wealth per capita populace. Expanding your tax base, increasing the sheer amount of taxpayers is a tremendous challenge in any community let alone a small one. And raising taxes to fund...

  • WINEXPO Winery Show

    5th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo Trade Show & Conference (#NCWIE) WIN Expo provides winery and vineyard professionals access to the latest products and services by over 300 of the industry’s best suppliers and service professionals showcasing the most current, innovative new products and services. In addition to the trade show, a day-long conference featuring four sessions will be presented by wine industry leaders discussing the latest trends along with information that every industry professional needs to be better prepared for a successful upcoming year.

  • Singapore Water Week

    One of the key highlights of SIWW, the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize honors outstanding contributions by individuals or organizations towards solving the world's water challenges by applying innovative technologies, policies or programs which benefit humanity. This prestigious international award is named after Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, whose foresight and leadership has enabled Singapore to attain a sustainable water supply.

  • NGWA Groundwater Summit

    Groundwater is a resource to be protected. It ignores political boundaries, transports contaminants, floods mine and construction sites, spins communities into an uproar, and can’t be found when you need it. Model, explore, characterize, bank, inject, extract, treat, and predict all your subsurface needs with everything groundwater at the 2016 NGWA Groundwater Summit: Solving Groundwater Challenges Through Research and Practice.

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