SteelCore 722 Gallon Water Storage Tank – Test

What is a Corrugated Bolted Steel Tank

Corrugated Bolted Steel tanks are the Next Generation of Water Storage Tanks. They are innovative and Long Lasting at a Lower Cost, with an unprecedented Warranty. Built to the same structural standards as other AWWA approved water storage tanks. Corrosion Resistant Panels, Heavy Flexible Membrane liners, Built to ASCE7.


Zinc Galvanized Carbon Steel
Corrugated Panels – high strength

Zinc Galvanizing:

Zinc Galvanized to G115 or G140
High Corrosive Resistance
Powder Coatings available


Meets Structural Codes for Liquid Storage Tanks ASCE7 for wind and seismic loading.
Site-Specific Structural Calculations based on Location and Application.

Fittings & Appurtenances:

Roof Options: 10 Deg, 30 Deg, Flat Structural Roof- minimum deck load 20 psf
Seismic Anchoring per AWWA


Long Warranties up to 30 Years


Safety Appurtenances per OSHA
Fittings per AWWA, ANSI, ATSM
Manways per AWWA


Flexible Membrane Liners per AWWA D130

Corrugated / Galvanized Tanks are Lower Priced Options

Cost Effective Option:

– Additional Options and Availability to the Municipal and Education Industries: It will also benefit the Public, Residential, Government, State Departments, Commercial Businesses, Other Industries.

– Reducing Cost: Corrugated Bolted Steel Tanks are more cost-effective. Materials are less, and the tanks are easier to build reducing installation costs. Overall project cost can drop up to 50%.

– Providing Alternatives – For More Choices: Municipalities, Utilities, Schools and Hospitals, have very few choices for water storage. Most are very costly. Corrugated Bolted Steel tanks are the first choice to provide a lower cost option for small and medium-sized tanks up to 2,900,000 gallons.

SteelCore 722 Gallon Water Storage Tank – Test

  • Low Cost
  • Quick lead Times
  • Fast Installation Times
  • Long Warranties


722 Gallon Corrugated / Galvanized Bolted Steel Tank with dimensions of 6.16 feet in diameter and 4.95 High. This tank showcases the latest in tank manufacturing and innovation with the highest standards in the industry. Ideal for Fire Protection, Potable Water Storage, Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting, Wastewater, Mining & Fracking, Agriculture and so many more. Line Drawing

Capacity722 gallons
Peak Height5.2-Feet
Roof StyleV-Rib 10Degree, V-Rib 30 degree, J-Rib 10 Degree, J-Rib 30 degree, Flat Panel 30 Degrees
Exterior Color OptionsAvailable
MaterialZinc Galvanized Steel – G115 & G140
AccessoriesOSHA Approved ladders, cages, appurtenances, Lockable Deck manways, Side Shell Manway, Roof vents
Additional AccessoriesCatwalks & Other Specialty Systems, Liquid Level Gauge Board and Target
ManufacturerSteelCore Tanks
Interior LinerNSF61 Certified Coatings / Liners, 30-60 mil flexible membrane
Structural DesignIBCV and ASCE7 Structural code for water storage
NFPA 22 Compliant Fire protectionYes
Seismic Anchoring DesignYes
High Wind DesignsYes
Insulation Systems InteriorAvailable
Insulation Systems ExteriorAvailable
FittingsASTM Bolts, Flanges – ANSI150#, Wall Penetrations, Floor Penetrations

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