Rainwater & Stormwater

Rainwater and Stormwater Storage Tanks – capture and retention of rainwater has been making incredible bounds across the nation and indeed the globe. Steel Core has been at the forefront of capturing and reusing this water for both private homeowners – green housing development, as well as large scale corporate clients with massive roofs from which millions of gallons of water can be captured, or large paved areas that generate large scale run-off.

A few points of note for those unfamiliar;

Rainwater is water falls from the sky and that comes into contact only with the roof and a conveyance system (gutters) before being directed into a tank. It NEVER comes into contact with the ground.

Stormwater is rain falling from the sky and coming into contact with impermeable surfaces such as cement and asphalt, and then as it flows carrying with it all the oils, chemicals, and substances both organic and inorganic found upon the ground. That water then goes into storm drains and swales or ditches and if funneled into rivers and either directly or eventually into the ocean or larger body of water.

1 inch of rain on 1000 square feet of roof generates 600 gallons of water. Using those numbers you can get a gallon amount of rainfall to be captured based on annual rainfall numbers:

A 2000 square foot roof – 10 inches of annual rainfall – 12,000 gallons
(roof square footage being equal to the floor plan for calculation purposes)

Now a large industrial complex with 100,000 square feet of roof space and generate 600,000 gallons of water.

The numbers add up… and whether you are repurposing that water for irrigation, landscaping, internal plumbing for toilets or cooling towers the savings can be great. Steel Core can provide the home owner or business large or small with a tank or tanks that will help you make the most out of your rainwater or storm water harvesting efforts.

Steel Core is here to discuss solutions to your water problems, contact us and we will always take the time to “listen” to your needs and find a solution that is tailored to your problem.