Exterior Coatings

Steel Core offers options when it comes to how your tanks looks, because there are times when you want your tank to blend into the background or compliment the surrounding architecture and enviornment.

State of the art is a term that is thrown around fast and loose in many industries, but not at Steel Core.

Our Powder Coating Facility truly is “State of the Art” from our ventilation systems that ensures worker safety, to our over-spray capture & recycling system to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum and a maximum amount of product is utilized. In fact we powder coat machinery and parts for some of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers in the world.

Our fully automated paint line is a ¼ mile long. There are 3 phases of washing that take place, and then 2 phases of acid treatments with 3 additional phases of drying before the steel ever gets to the paint bays.

The powder is applied and then the line takes the powder coated steel to the second story ovens. By having our ovens on the second story this allows our facility to remain at a comfortable temperature for our valued paint technicians.

Once each piece of baked powder coated steel comes out of the oven it is dried and carefully layered between styrofoam sheeting for shipping. We have the ability to match most any color on the Pantone scale, and we can also offer acid washed finishes. The only limits are the bounds of your imagination when it comes to how your tank can be painted or finished.

Wrapping a tank in wood can be an elegant solution to a visual problem, while still maintaining the integrity of the natural surroundings. Wood wrapped tanks allow for the majority of the tank surface to be covered with a material that is typically complimentary to its location. A tank wrapped with redwood boards is an excellent alternative to replacing an old style “redwood tank”. When one considers the depth of palette in terms of wood available the possibilities become endless.

For those wanting to incorporate recycled materials where possible in a design, 100% recycled plastic boards make an choice to keep a project green, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

Wood wrapped tanks are typically no taller than 3 rings (12 feet) and are encircled with a metal band in three places, similar to a barrel. These bands can be made of a multitude of metals (colors) and wire-braid cable and turnbuckles can be used for an alternative look. A low profile roof is recommended with a wood wrapped tank.