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SteelCore Corrugated Tank Installed In Panama for Residential Potable Water

SteelCore Corrugated Tank. Installed in Panama for residential potable water. This 150,000 US Gallon tank was installed without the use of jacks or other equipment, instead it was built from the bottom up with scaffolding. SteelCore tank supplies engineered site specific systems for Domestic Water Tanks. With NSF61 certified liners and speciality fittings and appurtenances. This tank was engineered for high seismic and 115 mph winds. Our 20 year warranty combined with the expertise of structural, civil and geotechnical engineers designing and engineering entire systems. You can rest assured that your SteelCore tank will be relialbe and will last much longer than warranted. Contact us at or 888-672-6995 for a consulation.